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Express Facial 35 minutes $60

This treatment only includes cleansing, gentle pore cleansing, and a mask based on your skin type. It includes facial massage in this treatment.


Acne Facial Treatment 60 minutes  $130

This treatment helps to reduce your acne with our unique products.


Aroma Facial ( for sensitive skin type) 65 minutes  $135

In the natural treatment, the cleansing and hydrating steps of the aroma facial adjusted to the individual needs of your sensitive skin. It includes a 10 mins hand and foot massage while a mask applied to your face.

Anti-Aging Restoration Facial 65 minutes  $140

This treatment is specialized for all skin types, nourishing, hydrating, and it refines fine lines and wrinkles. 


Hair removal with sugaring (This treatment for sensitive skin types)

Hair removal with wax (This treatment is for regular skin types)

Paraffin Wax Treatment

A wax treatment acts as a type of heat therapy, helps treat conditions by increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles, and reducing stiffness in joints.

Hands $15

Foot $15


Massage Treatment
All of the treatment includes Hot Stone service.
Aromatherapy - $60 minutes  $60 ; $90 minutes  $80
Cupping therapy (Air/Fire Cupping) -  $60 minutes  $60 ; $90 minutes  $80
Couples - $60 minutes  $120
Deep tissue - $60 minutes  $60 ; $90 minutes  $80
Reflexology - $60 minutes  $50 
Special Priced Package
Facial + 60mins Massage treatment -  140 minutes  $160

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